CLIVAR Data Access

CLIVAR users of PRIMAVERA data should follow the instructions at to get access to the JASMIN facilities. At step 4, applying for the jasmin-login role, you should include the email address of a UK-based PRIMAVERA project member who can provide you with a reference to support your application. At step 5 you should apply for access to the "primavera" Group Workspace. Malcolm, Jon and Rein can be contacted for help with filling in the JASMIN access form.

There are some short videos to get you used to working with JASMIN at

The data that is available can be queried using the Data Management Tool (DMT) available at Most people will find the Variables Received Query ( is the best way to search through the available data. Data will have an “Online Status” of online if all of that data is currently available on disk, and offline or partial if some data is only available on tape. If data is only available on tape then users can use the request retrieval buttons to the right of the table and the “Create Retrieval Request” button at the bottom of the page to request that data is restored from tape to disk. Restoring data from tape to disk may take several days depending upon how busy the tape system is.  
Anyone can use the DMT’s queries to search for available data. However, to request that data is restored from tape to disk then an account on the DMT is required. An account can be created at:  
The complete user guide for the DMT is available from