Data access

The main model simulations conducted by PRIMAVERA groups follow the CMIP6 HighResMIP protocol. The model outputs will be made available on the CMIP ESGF (Earth System Grid Federation) by the end of 2018.

The project itself has all these simulations available on the CEDA-JASMIN platform, mainly on tape. We use the PRIMAVERA DMT (Data Management Tool) to select and extract the data from tape to disk. This tool can also be used to query which CMOR-formatted variables are available from our simulations. The DMT is available for users to query the available data. ​The DMT's user guide is available online.

To avoid having to read all of the user's guide, please go to ​ to see what data has been received. Hopefully the search is fairly intuitive. If not, then please let us know and we will work to improve it, or improve its documentation.

If you would like to collaborate with PRIMAVERA and use CEDA-JASMIN with us to conduct complementary analysis, then please contact us for details. A summary of the required technical steps is available here.

Further information on coordinated analysis of the HighResMIP simulations is available.