Other Meetings with PRIMAVERA attendance





20-23 Oct 2015

Dubrovnik, Croatia

EMBRACE-CMIP workshop       

Presenting CMIP6 HighResMIP plans, posters on CMIP5 analysis and potential for HighResMIP/PRIMAVERA to advance our understanding

13-15th April 2016    

Exeter, UK       

Workshop on High-resolution ocean modelling     

The Global  Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) Ocean View is organising a  workshop on High-resolution ocean modelling for coupled seamless predictions which will be held in Exeter, UK, on 13-15th April 2016. The workshop will explore the scientific development of high resolution (1/12°) ocean models and global coupled prediction systems for seasonal to decadal prediction and short-range weather forecasting. The objectives will be to identify expected improvements to processes and performance, clarify key choices for ocean model configurations and parametrisations, and to develop coherent designs and collaborations for experiments and diagnostics. The workshop will be highly relevant for PRIMAVERA scientists.

18-25th Sept 2016

Qingdao, China

CLIVAR Open Science meeting

World Climate Research Programme’s (WCRP) Core Project on Climate and Ocean – CLIVAR - invites the international climate community to review the state of the science, to prioritize international research plans and to initiate new collaborations. See http://www.clivar2016.org/. Many aspects of the workshop are highly relevant to PRIMAVERA and HighResMIP.