Deliverables and Milestones

Title Due date  WP Lead Inst
D1.1 First examples of common process-based metrics application 01-May-17 WP1 UCL
D1.2 Tools for assessment of climate experiments 01-Aug-18 WP1 CMCC
D1.3 Strategy and metrics for PRIMAVERA and CMIP6 experiments analysis 01-Aug-19 WP1 BSC
D2.1 Assessment of benefits of increased ocean resolution 01-Feb-17 WP2 UCL
D2.2 Quantification of benefits of increased atmosphere resolution 01-Nov-17 WP2 ECMWF
D2.3 Quantification based on WP2 findings and initial sensitivity experiments in WP3 01-Mar-18 WP2,3 CMCC
D2.4 Assessment of processes benefitting from increased resolution 01-Nov-18 WP2 CNR
D2.5 Conclusions on minimum requirement for resolution 01-Oct-19 WP3 KNMI
D3.1 Quantifiction of aerosol-radition-cloud interactions 01-Nov-17 WP3 UREAD
D3.2 Quantification of land-atmosphere coupling strength response 01-May-18 WP4 UREAD
D3.3 Quantification of effect of improved sea ice processes 01-Jun-18 WP5 CMCC
D3.4 Quantification of benefits of enhanced upper ocean mixing processes 01-Dec-18 WP6 NERC
D4.1 Quantification of the relative cost/performance of different approaches to going beyond simple parameterisation 01-Sep-18 WP4 BSC
D4.2 Datasets from all model integrations fully documented with appropriate meta-data 01-Nov-18 WP4 Met Office 
D4.3 Assessment of improved representation of atmospheric processes 01-Dec-18 WP4 UNILEEDS
D4.4 Assessment of representation of convection influences 01-Mar-19 WP4 UOXF
D4.5 Quantify impact of resolution on European climate change 01-Jul-19 WP4 MPG
D5.1 Document protocol for forced and coupled sensitivity experiments 01-Aug-16 WP5 CERFACS
D5.2 Document impacts of AMV and IPV 01-Nov-18 WP5 UREAD
D5.3 Document impact of sea ice and snow changes 01-Jan-19 WP5 SMHI
D6.1 Model configurations for Stream1 integrations 01-Mar-16 WP6 KNMI
D6.2 Stream1 historical AMIP runs 01-Nov-16 WP6 KNMI
D6.3 Stream1 future AMIP runs 01-Jan-17 WP6 KNMI
D6.4 Stream1 control and historic coupled runs 01-May-17 WP6 MPG
D6.5 Stream2 historical AMIP runs 01-Mar-19 WP6 KNMI
D6.6 Stream2 future AMIP runs 01-Mar-19 WP6 CERFACS
D6.7 Stream2 control and historic coupled runs 01-Mar-19 WP6 BSC
D7.5 Final Project Dissemination and Exploitation Plan 01-Nov-19 WP8 Met Office
D8.1 Progresss summary following review of WPs 01-Mar-18 WP8 UREAD
D8.2 Comparison case study for Government 01-Jul-19 WP8 UREAD
D8.3 Final summary and synthesis of results 01-Nov-19 WP8 UREAD
D8.4 PRIMAVERA review paper 01-Nov-19 WP8 UREAD
D8.5 Policy briefings for government target audience 01-Nov-19 WP8 UREAD
D9.1 Data Management Plan 01-May-16 WP9 Met Office
D9.2 Initial training for JASMIN users 01-May-16 WP9 STFC
D9.3 Tools for data conversion to CMOR format 01-Nov-16 WP9 Met Office
D9.4 Publication of PRIMAVERA Stream1 data set 01-Nov-17 WP9 Met Office
D9.5 Publication of PRIMAVERA Stream2 data set 01-Sep-19 WP9 Met Office
D9.6 Review of DMP and lesssons learnt for future projects 01-Nov-19 WP9 Met Office
D10.1 Description of use cases identified 01-Nov-16 WP10 Met Office
D10.2 Statistics and representation of events in CMIP5, CORDEX and first PRIMAVERA output 01-Nov-17 WP10 SMHI
D10.3 Physics of extreme and compound events from PRIMAVERA output. 01-Nov-18 WP10 UREAD
D10.4 Scientific input for risk assessment 01-Sep-19 WP10 BSC
D11.1 End-user Dissemination and Communication plan      
D11.2 PRIMAVERA User Interface Platform 01-Jul-17 WP11 PREDICTIA
D11.3 Sector specific case studies and climate projection factsheets 01-May-18 WP11 KNMI
D11.4 Energy sector visual prototype 01-Nov-18 WP11 BSC
D11.5 Evaluation report of project outcomes by end users 01-Nov-19 WP11 UREAD
MS1 Observational/reanalysis/CMIP5 datasets required for metrics development and model assessment, available on JASMIN in appropriate format, with documentation (along with WPs 2,3,4,9) 30-Apr-16 WP1, 2, 3, 4, 9 SMHI
MS12 List of proposed protocols for forced and coupled model sensitivity experiments with pros and cons 01-May-16 WP5 ECMWF
MS16 Stream1 runs started 01-May-16 WP6 SMHI
MS19 Gender Strategy for PRIMAVERA defined and adopted by the consortium 01-May-16 WP7 Met Office
MS24 Prototype data conversion procedures available and documented. 01-May-16 WP9 Met Office
MS9 Requirements for completion of frontier integrations and how they might contribute to HighResMIP. 01-May-16 WP4 MPG
MS10 Readiness of all modelling approaches (eddy-resolving and unstructured mesh, stochastic and atmospheric convection-permitting) assessed, in order to start planned long simulations 01-Nov-16 WP4 Met Office
MS2 Strategy for integrating the metrics software available in the different partner institutions 01-Nov-16 WP1, 9 Met Office
MS27 End-user requirements for climate information and their preferred delivery and visualisation methods documented 01-Nov-16 WP11 Met Office
MS6 Plan and tools for co-ordinated process-based analysis of the core-simulations 01-Nov-16 WP1, 2 SMHI
MS25 Finalise and agree updated DataManagementPlan? for Stream2 simulations 01-Oct-17 WP9 CNR
MS13 Exchange of model data outputs regarding sensitivity experiments performed in T5.1 and T5.2 01-Nov-17 WP5 BSC
MS20 Intra-project Workshop 01-Nov-17 WP8 KNMI
MS26 Provide first results of scientific assessments to WP11 01-Nov-17 WP10 BSC
MS3 Assess performance of metrics package for Stream1 and WP3 integrations 01-Nov-17 WP1, 2, 3 UREAD
MS14 Protocol design for the multi-model scenarios that will be performed in T5.3 01-May-18 WP5 Met Office
MS17 Stream2 runs started 01-May-18 WP6 Met Office 
MS15 Exchange of model data outputs regarding scenario projections performed in T5.3 10-May-19 WP5 MPG
MS11 Information to WP8 on quantifying the impact of different approaches to simulation of European climate and risk of extremes 01-Jul-19 WP4 AWI
MS8 Assessment of impact of improved physics and robustness across all PRIMAVERA models in Stream2 as compared with Stream1, and dependencies of robustness on model resolution 01-Aug-19 WP3 CMCC
MS4 List of existing past-CMIP5 global model simulations and of the available high-resolution observational datasets for validation of the simulations. 01-Jan-16 WP2 CNR
MS18 Wiki/ internal project website hosted by STFC, made available to all 01-Feb-16 WP7 STFC
MS21 Specification of model diagnostic outputs required for Stream 1 integrations 01-Dec-15 WP9 KNMI
MS22 Confirm that all centres have required HPC resources and models that can perform the core integrations 01-Feb-16
MS23 JASMIN central analysis facilities available to all project members 01-Feb-16 WP9 STFC