In a few words

  • a European Union Horizon2020 project,
  • a new generation of advanced and well-evaluated high-resolution global climate models,
  • simulations and predictions of regional climate with unprecedented fidelity,
  • for the benefit of governments, business and society in general.

  The User Interface Platform

The User Interface Platform (UIP) disseminates the project results to users and potential users:

  • new climate information arising from PRIMAVERA high‑resolution simulations is presented in the context of different impact sectors,
  • specific results are presented in an interactive way by using storymaps.

To access the UIP, follow link above or click on UIP in top menu.

  Our models and simulations

The seven modelling groups within PRIMAVERA are producing a common set of simulations for all project partners to analyse.

  Understanding climate processes for European climate risk

Our aim is to better understand global climate processes and how they impact on European weather and climate, in the past and for the future.

Our models at different resolutions may well represent these processes differently, and hence change their risk to the European region.

Initially we can consider processes in the atmosphere, ocean and sea-ice components of our models, before trying to understand all the interacting processes between these different parts of the climate.

We are building a variety of standard tools and metrics to help us systematically compare the different models, and different resolutions.


PRIMAVERA is a collaboration between 20 leading European research and technology organisations with complementary expertise in climate science, climate change modelling, and high‑performance computing. The project is led by the Met Office and the University of Reading.