Research themes

Research themes

PRIMAVERA is organised around five major research themes:

  1. Innovations in Modelling
  2. Process-based Assessment
  3. Drivers of European Climate
  4. Flagship Simulations for CMIP6
  5. Climate Risk Assessment

The themes will interact strongly and follow an iterative workflow. The science themes (1, 2, 3) will primarily use simulations of theme 4. Theme 5 will ensure robust interpretation of the scientific risks for policy and other users, as well as engaging specific end-users in the co-design of climate scenarios.

The project will build on European research experience, for example using High Performance Computing developed in other projects (PRACE-UPSCALE, Athena), coordinated via the IS-ENES2 project on infrastructure development. It will make coordinated use of European high-resolution GCMs to generate projections to 2050.

The 5 research themes of PRIMAVERA