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Climate model simulations

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Recent progress in computing power has enabled climate models to simulate more processes in detail and on a smaller scale.

A coordinated set of experiments has been designed to assess both a standard and an enhanced horizontal-resolution simulation in the atmosphere and ocean.

The experiments are divided into 3 tiers consisting of atmosphere-only and coupled runs and spanning the period 1950-2050, with the possibility of extending to 2100, together with some additional targeted experiments. (View scientific article by Haarsma et al., 2016 for more detail)

These simulations will also serve as a more reliable source for assessing climate risks that are associated with small-scale weather phenomena such as tropical cyclones, and are part of the CMIP6 model intercomparison exercise (See HighResMIP home page for more detail).

The diagram below illustrates the various model simulations undertaken and their particularities.

Modelling status

The following graphs show the progress of the on-going simulations as of today. Please refer to the above graph for more information about the parameters of each category of climate simulations.

Model simulations are stored on JASMIN. For more information, please contact us.