Model simulation movies

Ground-breaking resolution

The coupled AOGCM version of EC-Earth (NEMO+LIM3 - OASIS - IFS) at "ground-breaking resolution", i.e. ORCA12 - T1279 (about 16 km in both ocean and atmosphere), is eventually up and running!

One full year of simulation has been completed on our MareNostrum3 supercomputer. Watch this YouTube video of a zoom over the North Atlantic of this simulation; it highlights perfectly the influence of cold and warm Gulf Stream eddies on the 2-meter air temperature field (a higher quality version is available here).

This YouTube video shows the global ultra-high resolution EC-Earth ( climate model ORCA12-T1279 in action over the North Atlantic.

Global 10km atmosphere-only simulation

The HadGEM3-GC3.1 atmosphere model has been run at 10km global resolution for 3 ensemble members over the period 2005-10. An example year of simulations is shown in this YouTube video

30-year spinup

The 30-year spinup of the Met Office coupled model HadGEM3-GC3.1-N216ORCA12 with 60-km atmosphere and 1/12 degree ocean resolution was completed following the HighResMIP protocol.

Watch a short movie of 4 years of this model, comparable to the equivalent 1/4 degree ocean model. (Note: click on the link to download each movie via Dropbox). These movies show the daily surface ocean current speed - the flickering comes from atmospheric storms passing over the ocean. Now available on YouTube too.

These were made using the Blender software package.

High resolution

High resolution simulation with the EC-Earth model (courtesy of Francois Massonnet; click to zoom) :

EC-Earth high resolution SST simulation


Image associated with McCoy et al. (2018) on aerosol indirect effect:

Image associated with McCoy et al. (2018) on cloud feedbacks:

High resolution simulation with the EC-Earth model (courtesy of Francois Massonnet) :

Ocean surface currents from HadGEM3-based global coupled (atmosphere-ocean/sea-ice) models at three different resolutions - (left) 25km-1/12 degree, (middle) 60km-1/4 degree, (right) 130km-1 degree (courtesy of Malcolm Roberts) :