General Assembly 4

26 to 29 March 2019 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain
  1. To examine first Stream 2 results in terms of climate system understanding and model development
  2. To examine first Stream 1 results for future projections of climate
  3. To explore different channels for exploiting project outputs in collaborative research

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Group picture of PRIMAVERA 4th general assembly
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Tuesday 26 March

9:30 Welcome from BSC and PRIMAVERA science coordinators
9:45 – 12:30 Plenary session – PRIMAVERA high-resolution climate modelling results: WPs 1–3
WP1 Development and application of metrics for process-based evaluations
• Overview of WP1 work and results
• ESMValTool and PRIMAVERA metrics: what we give and what we get
Relationships between ocean heat transport and Arctic sea ice
• Summer temperature trends over western Europe in new high‐resolution climate models: consistency with observations and role of large scale circulation
Representation of blocking in a multi‐model ensemble of high‐resolution coupled global climate models
WP2 Added value of high resolution in the atmosphere and the ocean
Overview on WP2 progress
• Decadal‐scale response of the AMOC to reduced and increased wind stress forcing
• Air‐sea interactions in the Gulf Stream region during extreme events
• Impact of increased resolution and stochastic physics on Euro‐Atlantic Weather Regimes
• Water budget of tropical cyclones in the PRIMAVERA ensemble
WP3 The role of model physics
• Overview of WP3
Extratropical cloud feedbacks across model resolutions
• Using rivers in JULES to understand HadGEM precip biases at catchment scale
• HYDROS: an improved representation of river discharge in global coupled models
• Progress in the implementation of the IDEMIX surface boundary layer model
• Progress in the implementation of the OSMOSIS surface boundary layer model
• Effect of improved sea ice processes on representing Arctic sea ice
14:00 – 16:00 Plenary session – PRIMAVERA data and stakeholder work: WPs 4–6
WP4 Frontiers of climate modelling
• WP4 Overview
• Stochastic physics
• EC‐Earth3P eddy‐resolving coupled simulation
• 4xCO2 simulations with eddy‐resolving model
• Latest results from the AWI model
WP5 Drivers of variability and change
• WP5 Overview
• AMV impact on Euro‐Mediterranean summer temperature
• AMV impacts on Pacific ocean: importance of the mean state
• Tropical North Atlantic as a potential non‐stationary modulator of the ENSO impact on spring European rainfall
Towards attribution of regional climate change: the recent Eurasian cooling
WP6 Flagship simulations
• Overview of the Stream 1 and 2 data delivery to JASMIN
• Status of Stream 1 simulations
• Stream 2 simulations: motivation, plans, status
• HighResMIP status
16:30 – 18:00 Plenary session – PRIMAVERA 'end-to-end' results
Topic 1: European storms
• Brief introduction
• Impacts of increasing model resolution on the North Atlantic eddy‐driven jet and blocking
• North Atlantic post‐tropical cyclones
• Analyses of characteristics of extratropical cyclones over Europe for the insurance sector using PRIMAVERA and CMIP5 GCMs
Topic 2: Arctic sea ice and feedbacks
• Increasing Atlantic Ocean heat transport in the latest generation coupled climate models and related changes in air-sea heat fluxes
Relationships between ocean heat transport and Arctic sea ice
• Local and remote atmospheric responses to sea ice variations in Stream1 simulations
• Northern Hemisphere atmospheric response to Arctic summer sea ice loss and impact of model resolution
Topic 3: SST gradients
• Introduction
• Resolution dependence of oceanic forcing
Air‐sea interactions in the Gulf stream region
• Impact of Gulf stream interaction of Europe Sybren

Wednesday 27 March

CMIP6 workshop

Thursday 28 March

10:00 – 13:00 Plenary session – PRIMAVERA data and stakeholder work: WPs 9–11
WP10 Climate Risk Assessment
WP11 User engagement and dissemination

Overview of WPs 10 and 11
Extreme future central European summer droughts in a high‐resolution global climate model
Creating a wind storm event set from PRIMAVERA data for the (re)insurance industry
• Comparison of statistics of selected meteorological events in CMIP5, CORDEX and in PRIMAVERA models
• A three‐step participatory approach to climate services co‐production
• Developments on the PRIMAVERA UIP
WP9 HPC and Data Management
• Overview and data availability
• Plenary discussion on 'Data access and data issues'
14:30 – 16:00 Breakout groups (BOG) for WP / topic meetings in parallel
BOGs to discuss inter alia:
• stream 1 and 2 results
• exploitation of results including CMIP/IPCC
• any changes to the plan
• communicating results / feedback to other WPs
• other (e.g. data, papers, meetings, ...)
16:30 – 18:15 Plenary session – feedback and discussion
Feedback from BOGs
Feedback from EEAB and Expert Reviewer

Friday 29 March

10:00 – 12:30 Plenary session – expert feedback, exploitation of results and next steps
Feedback from EEAB and Expert Reviewer
Further exploitation of PRIMAVERA outputs (CLIVAR, CMIP, IPCC, papers, etc.)
Summary and next steps
14:00 – 16:00 PRIMAVERA EMB – only EEAB and WP leads to attend