General Assembly 2

Tuesday 29 November 2016 to Thursday 1 December 2016 KNMI, De Bilt, The Netherlands
  1. To progress the project’s scientific aims and objectives
  2. To allow interactions with other researchers working in this area
  3. Support for the EMB and EEAB

Tuesday 29 November 2016

12:00 Registration

13:00 – 15:00 Keynote presentations

13:00 Welcome to KNMI – Myriam van Rooij, Director KNMI
Introduction – Rein Haarsma (KNMI), Malcolm Roberts (Met Office), Pier Luigi Vidale (Reading University)
13:15 High-resolution climate modeling via variable-resolution approaches – Christiane Jablonowski, University of Michigan
13:40 Climate Modeling and Climate Change Studies in Japan – Masahide Kimoto, University of Tokyo
14:05 The IMPREX project – Janet Wijngaard, KNMI
14:30 Three 10 minute highlights from PRIMAVERA by ‘cutting edge’ researchers:
Dian Putrasahan – MPI-M – Causes of AMOC slowdown in the high-resolution MPI-ESM
Jon Seddon – Met Office – High-Resolution Model Data Ingest at JASMIN
Nevan Fuckar – BSC – Impact of resolution increase on Arctic sea ice modes of variability
15:00 Refreshment break

15:30 – 17:40 PRIMAVERA Progress and Plans by WP (10 minutes per WP)

10 minutes per WP to present a summary of key progress. For WPs 1 to 6 this will be a summary on the status of the flagship and frontier runs. The status should address not only technical issues encountered when moving from low to high resolution (including the timing and the feasibility of the runs), but also general resolution-dependent behaviours in different models, from HadGEM3-GC3, to CNRM-CM6/IPSL-CM6, EC-Earth, CMCC and MPI-ESM/AWI-CM. Not just the specific science issues to be addressed in WP1+2, but much broader issue concerning model drifts, radiation balance, AMOC-drift, etc ...

15:30 WP1
15:40 WP2
15:50 WP3
16:00 Ten minutes madness!
Up to 3 slides from each WP, presented by junior PRIMAVERA scientists, and describing “something relevant and interesting” (not necessarily project results).
WP1 Thomas Voigt, Met Office
WP2 David Docquier, UCL, Impact of resolution on sea ice drift-strength feedback
WP3 Daniel McCoy, Leeds University
16:10 WP4
16:20 WP5
16:30 WP6
16:40 Ten minutes madness!
WP4 Tido Semmler, AWI, the FESOM model
16:50 WP8
17:00 WP9
17:10 WP10
17:20 WP11
17:30 Ten minutes madness!
WP9 Jon Seddon, Met Office
WP10 E. van der Linden, Heat waves & cold spells from a health perspective
WP11 Dragana Bojovic, BSC
17:40 Meeting ends

18:00 – 19:30 Drinks reception at KNMI – with posters

Wednesday 30 November 2016

09:00 – 17:00 Science discussions in plenary and parallel groups

9:00 Plenary session to provide a briefing and contextual discussion for the rest of the day
9:30 Split into WPs – 10 breakout rooms, 1 room per WP (WP7 not meeting)
WP leaders will be given a powerpoint template with questions to be addressed through discussions while in WP meetings.
10:15 Refreshment break
10:45 Continue WP parallel meetings
Breakout group summaries: WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP9 WPs 10 and 11
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Latest results from the CRESCENDO project – Twan van Noije, KNMI
13:25 Plenary session to discuss cross cutting issues and themes:
Sea Ice / Mid-latitude interactions / Jets and storms / Data (user requirements, provider outputs, handling and processing)
15:00 Refreshment break
15:30 WPs split in to combined groups as follows
WPs 1 and 2 / WPs 2 and 4 / WPs 3 and 6 (testing requirements for Stream 2 simulations) / WPs 3 and 4 (eddy resolving simulations, land surface) / WPs 5 and 6 (plans and core experiments) / WPs 4 and 6 / WPs 10 and 11 / WPs 1 and 9
17:00 Meeting ends
[17:00 EEAB meeting – only attended by EEAB, Project coordinators, PM and EC TO]
Meeting to consider: scientific progress, international interactions, lessons learned from stream 1, AOB.
18:15 Bus from KNMI to restaurant
19:00 Conference dinner at ‘Theeschenkerij De Tuinkamer’, Park Oog in Al 1, 3533 HE Utrecht
22:15 Bus from restaurant to Utrecht city centre and the Van der Valk Hotel, De Bilt

Thursday 1 December 2016

09:00 – 12:00 WPs report back on Wednesday’s meetings to plenary

WP leaders will report back to plenary with slides prepared from the template distributed previously. These slides will form part of the meeting report.

9:00 WP1
9:10 WP2
9:20 WP3
9:40 WP5
9:50 WP6
10:00 WP9
10:10 WP10
10:20 WP11
10:30 Overview of project progress by Christiane Jablonowski, EEAB
10:40 Refreshment break
11:10 Plenary discussion – topics for discussion include: An overview paper (one topic per WP)
11:45 Closing presentation from Malcolm Roberts and Pier Luigi Vidale
12:00 Meeting closes

EMB meeting on Thursday afternoon

12:00 Lunch for WP leads
13:00 EMB (only WP leads attend)
15:00 Close for EMB