Conferences & workshops

4-8 May 2020 Online EGU 2020

Displays in many sessions

Including Display by Met Office
21 April 2020 Online UK CMIP6 Analysis Workshop


Presentation by Met Office
10-14 December 2018 Washington DC, USA AGU Fall Meeting

Co-convening high resolution session (oral+poster), convening Town Hall on extremes analysis

13-14 September 2018 Brussels, Belgium 3rd ENES Workshop on Workflows funded by ESiWACE

The 3rd ENES Workshop on Workflows funded by ESiWACE

Presentation by Met Office
27-28 June 2018 Rutherford Appleton Lab, UK JASMIN Conference 2018

The third JASMIN User Conference.

Poster by Met Office and STFC
15-26 June 2018 Davos, Switzerland POLAR2018

Arctic Science conference

Presentation by David Docquier
3-8 June 2018 Honolulu, Hawaii AOGS 2018 (Asia Oceania Geosciences Society)

Co-conveners on session: AS20 High-resolution Simulation, Prediction, and Projection of High-impact Weather Events and Climate Change

Abstract deadline: 19 Jan 2018
8-13 April 2018 Vienna, Austria EGU 2018

Co-conveners on session on high resolution modelling and computation:

High resolution weather and climate models on large supercomputers (co-organized)

Session programme
17-18 Feb 2018 Portland, Oregon Ocean Mesoscale Workshop


Poster gallery
12-16 Feb 2018 Portland, Oregon Ocean Sciences 2018

Invited poster on PRIMAVERA, co-convening Town Hall, high resolution session

27-28 June 2017 Harwell, UK JASMIN 2017 Advanced Computing for Environmental Science Conference The second JASMIN Conference on Advanced Computing for Environmental Science was held at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), with attendees from universities and research institutions across the UK and further afield. Poster by the Met Office
19-23 June 2017 Montréal, Québec, Canada WGNE-WSE 2017 The WCRP-JSC/CAS Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) is organizing a workshop on systematic errors in weather and climate models. The principal goal is to increase understanding of the nature and cause of errors in models used for weather and climate prediction, including intra-seasonal to inter-annual scales. Several presentations by PRIMAVERA researchers
5-9 June 2017 Glasgow, United Kingdom ECCA 2017 The theme of this 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) conference is Our Climate Ready Future. The vision is that this conference will inspire and enable people to work together to discover and deliver positive climate adaptation solutions that can strengthen society, revitalise local economies and enhance the environment. Poster by KNMI
23-28 April 2017 Vienna, Austria EGU 2017 The goal of the European Geosciences Union General Assembly is to bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. Several presentations and posters by PRIMAVERA researchers.
5-7 April 2017 Valencia, Spain Climateurope Festival 2017 Climateurope’s mission is to support the exchange of knowledge and cultivate efforts for climate change adaptation and mitigation informed by science. BSC attending and manning a PRIMAVERA stand
27-28 March 2017 Brussels, Belgium Navigating a changing climate Conference about moving towards low carbon and resilient waterborne transport infrastructure. Poster by the Met Office
30 January-3 February 2017 Toulouse, France AMA 2017 The workshop had two themes: 1) ocean-atmosphere-wave coupling and 2) development and evaluation of atmospheric model physics related to the LEFE/MEDDE DEPHY2 project. Presentation by CERFACS
29 November 2016 London, United Kingdom Lloyd's Science of Risk conference Audience largely consisted of representatives from the insurance/re-insurance industries. Presentation and poster by University of Oxford
20 October 2016 Brussels, Belgium CLIPC Dissemination and Evaluation workshop Objectives of the final workshop were to present the Constructing Europe's Climate Information Portal (CLIPC) and discuss its usefulness; to discuss opportunities to put the CLIPC climate information portal into wider use; to identify challenges for next generation climate services (projects), discuss the required steps to further improve data access and use. Poster by KNMI
25-27 October 2016 Ourense, Spain 8th EGU Leonardo conference The European Geosciences Union (EGU) Leonardo Topical Conference Series on the Hydrological Cycle is the forum that EGU provides for scientific discussions focused on specific topics around the Hydrological Cycle. The 8th conference topic was devoted to the Atmospheric Branch of the Hydrological Cycle involving all aspects from evaporation to precipitation. Presentation by the University of Reading
18-25 September 2016 Qingdao, China CLIVAR Open Science meeting World Climate Research Programme’s (WCRP) Core Project on Climate and Ocean – CLIVAR invited the international climate community to review the state of the science, to prioritize international research plans and to initiate new collaborations. Poster cluster by PRIMAVERA researchers
22-23 June 2016 Lecce, Italy NEMO Users Meeting The purpose of the meeting is to strengthen the sharing of expertise, the exchange of information on recent results and ongoing research using NEMO. Presentation by UCL
6-10 June 2016 Helsinki, Finland SPARC DynVar & S-RIP Workshop The workshop provided a forum for 1) discussion on how best analyze the CMIP6 diagnostics that will be available via DynVarMIP, which targets the DECK experiments (AMIP, abrupt4xCO2 and 1pctCO2), the CMIP6 historical and the ScenarioMIP RCP8.5 experiments, as well as selected experiments within VolMIP, AeroChemMIP, and HiResMIP, where there is natural overlap in scientific interest; and 2) explore the possibility of coordinated idealized experiments on dynamical processes. Presentation by BSC
6-8 July 2016 Manchester, United Kingdom RMetS NCAS conference 2016 The theme of the conference was High Impact Weather and Climate and, through an integrated approach, the aim was to bring together academics, practitioners and industry to exchange knowledge and ideas in meteorology, climatology, air quality, health and related fields. Presentation by the University of Reading
17-19 May 2016 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium PCPI workshop World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Polar Climate Predictability Initiative (PCPI) workshop on feedbacks in polar regions and the way they are represented in climate models Presentations by BSC
10-12 May 2016 Prague, Czech Republic PRACEdays16 conference The PRACEdays16 programme followed the tradition set by the 2014 and 2015 editions and includeed international keynote presentations from high-level scientists and researchers from academia and industry. Several presentations by PRIMAVERA researchers.
17-22 April 2016 San Juan, Puerto Rico AMS 32nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology Conference for climate research scientists specialising in hurricanes and tropical meteorology. Several presentations by PRIMAVERA researchers.
12-22 April 2016 Vienna, Austria EGU 2016 The goal of the European Geosciences Union General Assembly is to bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. Several presentations and posters by PRIMAVERA researchers.
13-15 April 2016 Exeter, UK Workshop on high-resolution ocean modelling Organised by the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) Ocean View to explore the scientific development of high resolution (1/12°) ocean models and global coupled prediction systems for seasonal-to-decadal prediction and short-range weather forecasting. Highly relevant for PRIMAVERA scientists.
Objectives were to identify expected improvements to processes and performance, to clarify key choices for ocean model configurations and parametrisations, and to develop coherent designs and collaborations for experiments and diagnostics.
Presentations by several PRIMAVERA researchers
February 2016 Rome, Italy EC-Earth conference Workshop for developers and collaborators of the EC-Earth climate model Presentation by PRIMAVERA researcher
14-18 December 2015 San Francisco, CA, USA AGU Fall Meeting 2015 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting brings together the entire Earth and space science community for discussions of emerging trends and the latest research. Presentations by UCL
20-23 October 2015 Dubrovnik, Croatia EMBRACE-CMIP workshop Presented CMIP6 HighResMIP plans, posters on CMIP5 analysis and potential for HighResMIP/PRIMAVERA to advance our understanding Presentation by PRIMAVERA researcher