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Deliverables & milestones

Project deliverables

The table below lists the project deliverables, their due date, the corresponding work packages and the lead institutions.

No.DeliverableDue dateWork packageLead institution
D7.2 Public website Feb 2016 7 Met Office
D11.1 End-user dissemination and communication plan Feb 2016 11 BSC
D6.1 Model configurations for Stream1 integrations Mar 2016 6 KNMI
D9.1 Data management plan May 2016 9 Met Office
D9.2 Initial training for JASMIN users May 2016 9 STFC
D5.1 Document protocol for forced and coupled sensitivity experiments Aug 2016 5 CERFACS
D1.4 Report on strategy for integrating metrics software Nov 2016 1 Met Office
D6.2 Stream1 historical AMIP runs Nov 2016 6 KNMI
D9.3 Tools for data conversion to CMOR format Nov 2016 9 Met Office
D10.1 Description of use cases identified Nov 2016 10 Met Office
D6.3 Stream1 future AMIP runs Jan 2017 6 KNMI
D2.1 Assessment of benefits of increased ocean resolution Feb 2017 2 UCL
D1.1 First examples of common process-based metrics application May 2017 1 UCL
D6.4 Stream1 control and historic coupled runs May 2017 6 MPG
D11.2 PRIMAVERA user interface platform Jul 2017 11 PREDICTIA
D2.2 Quantification of benefits of increased atmosphere resolution Nov 2017 2 ECMWF
D3.1 Quantifiction of aerosol-radition-cloud interactions Nov 2017 3 U. Reading
D9.4 Publication of PRIMAVERA Stream1 data set Nov 2017 9 Met Office
D10.2 Statistics and representation of events in CMIP5, CORDEX and first PRIMAVERA output Nov 2017 10 SMHI
D2.3 Quantification based on WP2 findings and initial sensitivity experiments in WP3 Mar 2018 2, 3 CMCC
D8.1 Progresss summary following review of WPs Mar 2018 8 U. Reading
D3.2 Quantification of land-atmosphere coupling strength response May 2018 4 U. Reading
D11.3 Sector specific case studies and climate projection factsheets May 2018 11 KNMI
D3.3 Quantification of effect of improved sea ice processes Jun 2018 5 CMCC
D1.2 Tools for assessment of climate experiments Aug 2018 1 CMCC
D4.1 Quantification of the relative cost/performance of different approaches to going beyond simple parameterisation Sep 2018 4 BSC
D2.4 Assessment of processes benefitting from increased resolution Nov 2018 2 CNR
D4.2 Datasets from all model integrations fully documented with appropriate metadata Nov 2018 4 Met Office 
D5.2 Document impacts of AMV and IPV Nov 2018 5 U. Reading
D10.3 Physics of extreme and compound events from PRIMAVERA output Nov 2018 10 U. Reading
D11.4 Energy sector visual prototype Nov 2018 11 BSC
D3.4 Quantification of benefits of enhanced upper ocean mixing processes Dec 2018 6 NERC
D4.3 Assessment of improved representation of atmospheric processes Dec 2018 4 U. Leeds
D5.3 Document impact of sea ice and snow changes Jan 2019 5 SMHI
D4.4 Assessment of representation of convection influences Mar 2019 4 U. Oxford
D6.5 Stream2 historical AMIP runs Mar 2019 6 KNMI
D6.6 Stream2 future AMIP runs Mar 2019 6 CERFACS
D6.7 Stream2 control and historic coupled runs Mar 2019 6 BSC
D4.5 Quantify impact of resolution on European climate change Jul 2019 4 MPG
D8.2 Comparison case study for Government Jul 2019 8 U. Reading
D1.3 Strategy and metrics for PRIMAVERA and CMIP6 experiments analysis Aug 2019 1 BSC
D9.5 Publication of PRIMAVERA Stream2 data set Sep 2019 9 Met Office
D10.4 Scientific input for risk assessment Sep 2019 10 BSC
D2.5 Conclusions on minimum requirement for resolution Oct 2019 3 KNMI
D7.5 Final Project Dissemination and Exploitation Plan Nov 2019 8 Met Office
D8.3 Final summary and synthesis of results Nov 2019 8 U. Reading
D8.4 PRIMAVERA review paper Nov 2019 8 U. Reading
D8.5 Policy briefings for government target audience Nov 2019 8 U. Reading
D9.6 Review of DMP and lesssons learnt for future projects Nov 2019 9 Met Office
D11.5 Evaluation report of project outcomes by end users Nov 2019 11 U. Reading


The table below lists the project milestones, their due date, the corresponding work packages and the lead institutions.

No.MilestoneDue dateWork packageLead institution
MS21 Specification of model diagnostic outputs required for Stream 1 integrations 1 Dec 2015 9 KNMI
MS4 List of existing past-CMIP5 global model simulations and of the available high-resolution observational datasets for validation of the simulations 1 Jan 2016 2 CNR
MS18 Wiki internal project website hosted by STFC, made available to all 1 Feb 2016 7 STFC
MS22 Confirm that all centres have required HPC resources and models that can perform the core integrations 1 Feb 2016 9 BSC
MS23 JASMIN central analysis facilities available to all project members 1 Feb 2016 9 STFC
MS1 Observational/reanalysis/CMIP5 datasets required for metrics development and model assessment, available on JASMIN in appropriate format, with documentation (along with WPs 2,3,4,9) 30 Apr 2016 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 SMHI
MS12 List of proposed protocols for forced and coupled model sensitivity experiments with pros and cons 1 May 2016 5 ECMWF
MS16 Stream1 runs started 1 May 2016 6 SMHI
MS19 Gender Strategy for PRIMAVERA defined and adopted by the consortium 1 May 2016 7 Met Office
MS24 Prototype data conversion procedures available and documented 1 May 2016 9 Met Office
MS9 Requirements for completion of frontier integrations and how they might contribute to HighResMIP 1 May 2016 4 MPG
MS10 Readiness of all modelling approaches (eddy-resolving and unstructured mesh, stochastic and atmospheric convection-permitting) assessed, in order to start planned long simulations 1 Nov 2016 4 Met Office
MS2 Strategy for integrating the metrics software available in the different partner institutions 1 Nov 2016 1, 9 Met Office
MS27 End-user requirements for climate information and their preferred delivery and visualisation methods documented 1 Nov 2016 11 Met Office
MS6 Plan and tools for co-ordinated process-based analysis of the core-simulations 1 Nov 2016 1, 2 SMHI
MS25 Finalise and agree updated DataManagementPlan? for Stream2 simulations 1 Oct 2017 9 CNR
MS13 Exchange of model data outputs regarding sensitivity experiments performed in T5.1 and T5.2 1 Nov 2017 5 BSC
MS20 Intra-project workshop 1 Nov 2017 8 KNMI
MS26 Provide first results of scientific assessments to WP11 1 Nov 2017 10 BSC
MS3 Assess performance of metrics package for Stream1 and WP3 integrations 1 Nov 2017 1, 2, 3 U. Reading
MS14 Protocol design for the multi-model scenarios that will be performed in T5.3 1 May 2018 5 Met Office
MS17 Stream2 runs started 1 May 2018 6 Met Office
MS15 Exchange of model data outputs regarding scenario projections performed in T5.3 10 May 2019 5 MPG
MS11 Information to WP8 on quantifying the impact of different approaches to simulation of European climate and risk of extremes 1 Jul 2019 4 AWI
MS8 Assessment of impact of improved physics and robustness across all PRIMAVERA models in Stream2 as compared with Stream1, and dependencies of robustness on model resolution 1 Aug 2019 3 CMCC